Let’s Learn About doTerra Oil


Attendees:  Kristin, Megan, Heather, Sharon, Nina, Marlene, Jen, Julie

Sharon had just visited UCSD where there is a new statue of Sojourner Truth outside of the Marshall College.  Born as Isabella Baumfree, Sojourner Truth was an African-American woman who fought in the Federal courts to get her son back from the South, and won.  She was born into slavery in New York .  She is remembered as a leader for the abolitionist movement and women’s rights.

Beth recommended a move about Alice Paul and the U.S. women’s right to vote called Iron Jawed Angels.

Our guest speaker today is Jennifer Caltabollatta. Thank you to Jennifer for presenting to Global Gals for the second time!   She has recently started selling doTerra Oils and shared information about oils in general.  I took notes while she spoke.

Book:  Modern Essentials   by Aroma Tools dedicated to doTerra Oils.  Sold on amazon

Book:  Spoil your pets   book about essential oils on pets

Noticed the benefit of essential oil when putting frankincense oil on her cat’s cancerous ear.  Healed her cat’s ear.

Examiner.com  Frankincense might be a cure for cancer.

Youtube.com video Gift of the Earth (doTerra)

The people who started doTerra were at Young Living, but spun off to start doTerra.  Both Young Living and doTerra are based out of Utah.

Can test oils to see their potency.  If pure oil, drop oil onto a piece is of Styrofoam.   The pure oils will eat away the Styrofoam.

FDA says that 10% of ingredient makes it pure.

doTerra is 100% pure.  Therapeutic grade. doTerra has five ways of testing for purity.  If they find anything else in the product, they will throw out the whole batch.   Essential oils are more potent than herbs.

Peppermint oil, use sparingly.  One drop is equal to 28 cups of tea.

Shelf life of an oil is a lifetime.  With citrus, 7 year shelf life.

doTerra goes directly to the source of where the plant is grown.  Fair trade. doTerra culitivates the plant at its peak time.

Essential oils will go through cell membrane.

Frankincense: passes through blood brain barrier.  Parkinsons, Alzheimers, Lou Gehrig’s.

Mellaluca:  tea tree oil.  Anti-bacterial.

Most of the oils don’t stain.

“On-Guard” blend of oils.  Also comes in small beads.  Has clove as an ingredient.

Clove- one drop of clove has 1.1 million free radical absorbers.  Smells good. Has toothpaste.  Laundry soap.  Throat lozenges.

“Breathe” blend of oils.  Good for breathing.

“Correct X” blend of oils.  Helicrysum and frankincense

“Immortelle” blend of oils.  Eye oil, for skin around eyes.

Three ways to take oils:

  • Diffuser
  • Skin – neck, spine, behind ears, bottom of feet
  • Internally

Which ones do you dilute before applying:

  • Children, dilute all of them
  • Hot oils: lemongrass, oregano

Ways to buy:

  • From Jennifer mydoterra.com/happyhenoils
  • Membership then buy the oils at a wholesale price ($35 to be member)
  • Loyalty rewards – $50 order every month. At month 12, you get 30% of what you buy back to you in product.

Cleaning products:  Lemon and On-Guard.

Deodorant:  Purify blend

Flu Buster:  lemon, oregano, on guard, mellaluca

Mood Matrix:  balance, citrus bliss, serenity, elevation

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Adopt-A-Family Gift Wrap

global gals gift wrap

Thanks to all the Global Gals for support a SAY San Diego Adopt-A-Family!  I believe this was our 6th year in supporting this program!  Thanks for wrapping gifts and sharing holiday cheer with me this year.

I delivered the gifts to the SAY San Diego office on Saturday with the help of my children, Paulo and Isabel.  It was, and is, always an easy drop-off process.

For tax purposes, SAY San Diego federal tax ID #23-7107958

Happy Holidaze!  See you in January at our yearly planning meeting.


Dec. 11, 2014

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No Knead Bread

“No Knead Bread” presented by Jennifer Caltabellotta at our Global Gals Gathering on November 13, 2014.

A friend of Jennifer’s from Sweden got her into baking bread. This receipe does not use a bread maker and makes a lovely gift.  Below are my notes that I took during Jennifer’s presentation.  To see the recipe, visit http://breadtopia.com/basic-no-knead-method/.

Use a food scale to weigh food.  Don’t use measuring cups for flour.

Uses yeast from Sweden.  Lasts 5 years in the refrigerator.  $5.95 for  16 oz SAF Instant  Yeast.  Use Danish dough whisk to stir together.  Put an airtight lid on bowl and let it sit for 18 hours on your countertop.

Put dough on heavily floured surface.   Push the air out of the dough by flattening it.  Fold it into quarters and cover heavily with flour on.  Cover with flour sack for 1 ½ hours.  Jen bought 3 teatowels  called “floursack” from ACE Hardware.

Bake it a clay oven called a La Cloche.  Make sure the La Cloche has a good handle on top.  The clay baker is heated in 500  degree oven for 30 minutes.  Bake break for 30 minutes.  Take the lid off and turn down to 450 degrees and bake 15 more minutes.

Gift idea:  Wrap bread in envelope in heavy paper.  See picture.IMAG1034

Could use heavy Le Creusut baker in stead of La Cloche.

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SANDAG Bike Plan


Thank you to our guest speaker, Mr. Chris Kluth, from SANDAG.  He spoke with us about the Regional Bike Plan Early Action Program.  Below are my notes that I took during his presentation.

First of all, SANDAG is the San Diego Associate of Governments which is a State agency with local jurisdiction.  They coordinate big projects such as highways, railways, cycling.

Adopted Bike Plan in 2010.  2013 got an early action program:  $200 million.  Largest and only one in the country dedicated bike program.  A Local sales tax of a ½ cent goes SANDAG, some of that tax money pays for the Bike Plan.

The plan includes 42 projects and 77 miles.

Priority projects:  bike path up to North county and East county.  Coast to Crest Trail out to Santee.  On street urban projects.  Everyday trips.  Little connections within the community.

Economic development impacts on the plus side.  Local businesses and property values see an increase.  SANDAG talks to council districts – SANDAG brings money.  It’s a project, not a plan.

“Parklet”  now a place to sit.  Take out parking spaces for sitting.  Looking to incorporate green area and protected bike lane.  Projects improve safety. “Low stress” greenway, take bikers off the busy street.  Signage and outreach campaign to show how to get off the busy streets.  Focused on “interested but concerned” bike riders.  Biggest potential.

North Park – Mid City has 10 schools on 12 miles of bicycle boulevard and cycle track.   (i.e. Meade, Orange, Landis).  “Traffic calming” around school zones.  Timing of completing project: construction at the end of 2015.  Property values go up at least 8% along bike boulevards and near bike paths.

Have a plan, get input form community (i.e. North Park Planning Committee), go through City input.  SANDAG has a different set of rules to follow.  Have strategies to deal with community disagreement.

Uptown Project:  controversial.  Transforming Hillcrest.  Has separate cycle tracks, traffic calming, and bike boulevards.  Studying traffic flow on University from 6th to Normal.

City of San Diego painted green bike lanes to indicate a conflict zone where bikes and cars cross paths.

Ciclosdias, November 9, Sunday 10-3:00.  www.ciclosdias.com

**The Park Blvd bus project was not a SANDAG project. **


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Juice Cleanse

Our guest speaker on July 10, 2014, was Ruth Guymer.  She was an RN in England, but now lives in the U.S. and has raised 5 children.  Ruth studies under Robert Morse in Florida to lean about healthy eating.  She believes in detoxing to maintain your health.  Your body has to be internally clean -certain pH balance – to function properly.

Blood cannot deviate far from pH.  Does everything to keep the right pH.  Blood takes from the rest of your body to maintain pH.

Blockage in the body is formed from acidic state.  Backup of lymphatic liquid.  Genetically everyone is made differently.  Lymphatic system hasn’t been addressed in the medical world.

Acidic foods: pasteurized dairy, meat/flesh, legumes.  Legumes are not good for digestion and its better to eat sprouted legumes.  A store, “True Roots,” sells sprouted legumes.  Alfafa sprouts and bean sprouts good to eat.

The benefits of cleansing: reverse obstruction; loosens things up; bring pH into balance.  Side effects may include: headaches, acne, flu symptoms, lungs could re-act.

To cleanse:  raw, organic fruits and vegetables.  Keep it simple.  Cleanse for 4 weeks.  Eat fruits high in anti-oxidents and electro magnetic such as dark grapes, lemon, watermelon, cherries, berries, melons.

If using a juicer, you will not have fiber.  Gives more of a break to your body.

You can also use a blender to make smoothies or you could eat fruit in its natural state.

Cleanse your bowel before you begin your cleanse.  You can cleanse with Natures Botanical herb “Stomach & Bowel Formula #2.”  Take before and during your juice cleanse.

For someone who is very sick and needs energy to heal, not to digest; therefore, its best to juice (no fiber).

Vegetables can be added but they will slow down the cleanse.

Frozen fruit keeps 90% of nutrients when frozen.  Avocado is a fruit, but high in oil and is not a cleanser.

Book to read:  The Detox Miracle Source Book by Dr. Robert Morse, N.D.

Documentary to see: Fast Sick and Nearly Dead.

Thanks, Ruth, for your time and info!

Until next time,


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Damsel in Defense

At our June 12 gathering, Kelly O’Tillery and Donna Stellhorn presented self defense products from Damsel in Defense.  I kept track as best I could.  If you weren’t able to attend, you are welcome to read more about the products and place an order online.  Visit Kelly’s site at www. Mydamselpro.net/KO

Pepper Spray –  18% is strongest allowed in California.  Biggest size 2 oz, small size is ½ oz.  Can use pepper spray to scare animals such as coyote while hiking.  Pepper spray not the best choice in windy environment. Lasts about 2 years.  Check into luggage when traveling.  Legal for at least 18 yrs of age.  Can be 16 years if you have a note from your parents.

Pepper spray with tear gas is allowed in California.

Kubaton – Tool that is used in martial arts.  Hit with the point.  Thrust into bony areas, soft tissues.   Put on key chain, visible deterrent.  Legal in all 50 states.  Put into luggage when traveling.

Junk in the Trunk – deck of cards, waterproof matches, survival blanket, whistle, compass, mirror, first aid kit.  Keep in the trunk of the card.

Stash in the dash – first aid kit, floss, sewing kit, toothbrush, tampons, comb/brush, moist toilette, stain remover, deodorant, midol.

Road trip – flashlight, signal, magnetized, siren alarm, seatbelt cutter, glass breaker. Keep upfront under your seat, pocket on side door, compartment between seats.  Siren can scare off animals while camping.  This tool could help others.  Hit the windshield in the corner.

Holla at Me personal alarm – can be used by 16 years old.  120 decibels

Where’s Yo Baby – Toddler tracker. If toddler wanders away, the alarm goes off.

Bear hug – person attacks from behind around the shoulders, drop down with arms out front,  step over, elbow attacker.

Bear hug  – person attacks around waist, lower, twist attackers hands and lift.

Bear hug – person attacks around waist and your arms are pinned.  Take foot down shin and land on top of the arch as hard as you can.

Step Off Door Alarm – 120 decibel alarm.   Put inside door and alarm goes off when door opens.

Stun gun – 6 million volts.  Has disable pin, if gun grabbed from you, it is disabled.  Has flashlight.  Stun gun makes noise.  Can be used as a deterrent.  Use on shoulder area, upper hip, under the rib cage.  Larger item so you don’t have to get as close to attacker.

Tiny Take Down – 1 million volts.  Have to have skin contact.

Pack a Punch – 7.5 million volts.  Disable pin, flashlight.  Charge once a month whether you’ve used or not.  Do not charge more than 8 hours.

Donna ended our evening with a shout out to Amy Cuddy and her 2012 TED Talk on body language and power poses.  Its worth the watch!  Click here for the link to her video.

Until next time,  Jules

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Patrick Stewart and Performing Arts in San Diego

Thank you to Ms Heather Harris for taking such copious notes.  She made this blog entry possible!

On Thursday, May 8, 2014, our guest speaker Patrick Stewart talked about the theatre and performing arts scene in San Diego.  He is the Executive Director for Words Alive, a Arts/Literacy program that works with other organizations.

Words Alive just opened a show at Space 4 Art. Space 4 Art is in East Village at 15th & J. It has two galleries, an outdoor performance area, and 6 live-work studios.  It all started with a La Jolla Playhouse connection that supported an Israeli Photographer who has created a curriculum for Jewish Day Schools – kids take photos in their community based on Jewish culture.

The Words Alive foundation serves kids in need like at Monarch and Lindsay School – schools that help kids impacted by life a little harder than norm.  The connection with the photography concept and the new show was inspired by the kids’ Reading list book – Great Gatsby. Patrick was wondering about kids’ idea of opulence. What would it look like from their perspective. The project was for all kids would read the book, the organization gave disposable cameras to everyone and they focused on three things:

  • Conspicuous consumption
  • The American dream
  • Pursuit of Happiness

They brought in a photographer to teach kids how to compose a shot/frame it.  Patrick brought together a friend and curator at MOPA, and the Museum Studies at Mesa and they all worked together to put on the show.  300-plus High school students took pictures across SD County.  There were 140 photos – they narrowed down to 41.  Mesa College students learned how to hang the photographs.  The show gave a sense of community through an artistic perspective.  Opened last Thursday at MOPA Space 4 Art Public reception 5/17 and finishes on 5/30.

Patrick studied theater, theater criticism, philosophy of art, then got a graduate management degree in non-profit (Non-profit MBA kinda thing). Got accepted to graduate school for directing – was going to move back east. The culture is very silo’d – no collaboration.  He works hard to find collaborative opportunities.  He spent time in Australia and realized other countries have a different funding model  – in a lot of countries, the state funds all the art, so it is paid for.

If we had the same concept of supporting the creation of work – arts experience becomes very different when its collaborative. In America not a lot of co-mingling because everyone is competing for money.

What is the most collaborative form of art?

Dance collaborates more often and dancers are better at it. They try to tell a story in a really different way. Try to find new and interesting ways to tell the stories. Dancers are forced to tell it in a more imaginative way. They look at collaborations in a different perspective and they are more experimental.

Jean Isaacs most visible and Maloshock – big dance makers. She rebranded Jean Isaacs dance theater into something completely new. In the past they’ve put together a really interesting multi-media, auto-biographical, slide-movie, one-act that wasn’t even a dance show. It is bringing in more of the disciplines. Her question is, How are we re-defining performing art so its undefinable?

Can San Diego support the arts?

Managing host committee for the performing arts collaboration – it is a very rich community. Mostly supported by itself – there’s a large enough/single group of people supporting everything.  The arts cannot be supported without a very large philanthropic trust. It’s 50/50 for income sources for what you’re seeing (to pay for behind the scenes and the actual show). 50% ticket 50% philanthropic sources. Licensing works well for Playhouse and The Globe. 9 Tony Awards for San Diego between the two of them in the last year.

How to be more involved: Download Tart the app for the latest shows and tickets in San Diego (available on iPhone): https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tart/id660863140?mt=8


Theaters on the watch list (that you can afford)

  • Cygnet
  • Ion
  • Moxy
  • San Diego Musical Theater
  • N. Coast Rep
  • New Village Arts
  • J-Company
  • Diversionary
  • San Diego Rep (at Lyceum)
  • Lambs Players

Christopher Ashley and Mike Rosenburg have focused on making the Playhouse a local focus. They came in the last 4 years. They have taken a big step in making it a local organization. They have taken small residencies under their wing. Circle Circle Dot Dot – tiny tiny company. Predominantly do site-specific, safe and accessible work.  For example: San Diego I Love You and San Diego I Love You 2.0 – start at Small Bar, something that happens, then move to the next venue.

La Jolla Playhosue started the DNA Festival – 3-4 shows that are like a

Without Walls (WOW Festival) – puppet show by Basil Twist

Makers Quarter – Playhouse and Rep working together for new show:

El Henry – Mexican musical version of Henry II – $30!! This Summer – beginning of June.

Arts are collaborating, local and working to make it affordable.

Space is another consideration. Our Civic Center sucks (not a his quote). We need a great place that would be for mid-shows – 300 seats. Along with rehearsal space. Until San Diego sees a lot of value and cultural development. Did it in DC- there’s a way to completely re-design a neighborhood with solely arts and culture. You need things that keep working artists – they have to make a living. Things that are happening academically, in the community, and with everyone.

Liberty Station – Luce Theater (kitty-corner to church by Vons) – they were going to chop it up into 4 spaces – but not allowed because of Historical Designation and not cost-effectiveness. It’s too big and was simply used to show movies to naval trainees.

San Diego Musical Theater will be at North Park Theater.

Liberty Station Arts and Culture scene was supposed to be subsidized to bring in artists but subsidies have run out and rents are high.

If you had 25 million for arts – what would you do?

Build in the North East Village – 16th and C build a multi-use arts facility.  Home for mid-size and mid-tier theater companies that encouraged collaboration because of the conversation that could happen there.

What to do to support arts?

“Seek out small and mid-sized performing arts shows, if you like what you see, buy a subscription – if you love it after a year, donate!?”

Patrick has two kids – two girls – 10 and 12: Mikayla (Kick) and Esmé – took the kids to work. Got them engaged. All the arts in Ed programs – in the schools. Jr. Theatre is in their school. Important. Advocate for an Arts in Ed at school. You can go see Jr. Theatre production – but if they are involved in the making of art that’s better. The last thing we need is a slew of new playwrights. But if they are engaged, the next time they see it they will be engaged in what is happening.

“When you have a connection on what it means to create art, you respect it more.”


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2013 in Full Swing

Hi Gals!

Its been a while again since I’ve updated the Blog.  And we’ve accomplished so much.

– SAY San Diego Adopt-a-Family for the holidays

– Visions Boards created in January

– Planning for the year in February.  And sharing biographies of African-American women in honor of Black History Month.

Take a look at the Gatherings schedule for this year under “Gatherings” heading.  Thanks to Heather for arranging our April and May speakers/presenters!

See you next week on March 26 for an Accessory Exchange at Janice’s.


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Makeup Tips by Laurie

Always start with a clean palate.

Moisturizer is the key to flawless skin.  Apply right before the primer then foundation.

Primer, lines eyelids, under eyes.

Matching foundation, look at neck and chest and face. Test along the chin to neck.  Our foundation is to enhance our natural beauty, not to hide or cover up.

Dark spots and circles, use concealer.

Blush: smile, dab on apples of cheeks.

Bronzer:  Highlight upper cheek bone center of nose, on shoulders for a glowing evening look.  Along the cheek bone to top of ear.  Curved shape. Gently softens the lines of the face.

Mascara:  apply to lashes from top first, then coat going up.

Eye liner:  Feather like strokes from pupil out on top.  From corner into pupil on lower. Softer look,  Eye liner with shadow. Press, lift, reload. Paint with liner on with the angle brush.  Small brush under the eye and lid for eye shadow, from the pupil.

Arbonne “Suede” color on lid .  Great on everyone.  Blend up into crease.  Always blend colors together so there is never a line.

Arbonne “Sand” on the eyebrow.  Great for light and medium skin.

Lip Conditioner with SPF 30 Lining.  Draw the V first.  Fill in almost all upper lip.  “Ginger” lip line, “champagne” gloss.

Use a dry q-tip right away to clean up messes.

Laurie Parker
Arbonne International
Consultant ID: 10682710



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Election November 6

Thank you to Debbie for sharing about Marie Curie.  Her life is an amazing story and inspirational to all.  For the latest book about Madame Curie and her family, click here.

Okay, onto the ballot review.  We talked about  most of the Propositions and generally agreed on voting recommendations.  So, here goes…

Prop 30 – Governor Brown’s tax initiative.  YES

Prop 31 – Establishes 2 year budget.  Mixed response.  You may want to complete your own research.  NO

Prop 32 – political contributions.  Unions against.  NO

Prop 34 – repeal the death penalty.  The death penalty costs more than life imprisonment.  YES

Prop 35 – human trafficking.  YES

Prop 36 – lessen the effects of the 3 Strikes law.  YES

Prop 37 – labeling GMO foods.  Large chemical companies, such as Monsanto and Dupont, have poured money, over $12 million, into California to defeat this initiative.  Sharon shared a link about how genetically engineered foods affect the environment , click here. YES

Prop 38 – PTA tax initiative for Education.  YES or NO.                                                       (You can read more about the two education props at my school’s website:  click here for Los Compadres)

Prop 39 – tax on out of state companies that sell product here.  YES

Prop 40 – redistricting state senate districts.  Seems reasonable.  YES

Prop Z – San Diego Unified school bond.  Mixed response.  YES or NO

We didn’t make definite decisions on candidates and judges because we didn’t have enough info.  For Mayor, most were still undecided.  For San Diego Unified School Board we decided on John Lee Evans (current member) and William Ponder.

Please make comments if you have additional info or an opinion to share.  Remember to VOTE on November 6!

Your Gal,


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