GGG – ElderHelp and Essence of Life

ElderHelp and Essence of Life Fundraiser –  January 30, 2020

Attendees: Susan, Lisa, Heather, Shea, Alexis, Sandra, Heidi, Alicia, Julie, Maureen, Janice

Guest Speaker: Gretchen Viehl, Director of Philanthropy of ElderHelp

Gretchen’s mother died with dignity in her own home. She lived in a supportive community surrounded by people that cared for her. Caregivers loved her mother. Other people can love your loved one and help with care.

ElderHelp mission is to provide services to allow seniors to live with dignity in their own homes. Help over 6,000 people per year. Eighteen staff members make this type of impact in the San Diego community along with 400 volunteers. ElderHelp started 46 years ago to interact with lonely elderly people.

When someone falls in their home, average healthcare costs run at $30,000.

Costs ElderHelp about $10 per day to help senior stay in their home. ElderHelp does not provide medical care. Majority of clients are women, low to mid income, alone (no family around). Elderly don’t like to ask adult children for help. Match volunteers with seniors in a variety of ways. Some volunteers work with the senior for 10 years or more.

San Diego has over 400,000 people over 65 years old. 42% lack family or resources to make their ends meet. One affordable housing unit for 29 seniors that need them.  Waiting list for section 8 housing is 10 years. Home share matches roommates/renters in a senior’s home. The renter pays rent or provides some services. USD Non-Profit Institute: according to user comments, the best part of homeshare is companionship. Other benefits include healthy eating. Average 60-65 new matches every year. ElderHelp’s Homeshare program is now called Housing Services.

ElderHelp sticks close to their mission which is to keep seniors in their homes.

130 residents live in Hotel Sanford downtown. Housing program keeps expanding because the need is so great throughout San Diego.

Eligible for home share starts at age 55. Other services begin at age 60.

Care Coordination: social worker meets with senior to evaluate the situation and asks “What would you like?” Senior can receive up to 8 rides per month. Matched volunteers commit to at least a year and meet at least 2 hours every other week. ElderHelp manages a combination of about 300 people per month. Volunteers notice when something isn’t right with the older person; notice cognitive or physical changes.

Senior have to advocate for themselves and must be mobile.

Volunteers range in age from 20s to senior age. Average age is 40s. Volunteers need to be invested in the senior population. Volunteers is vetted, trained, background check, DMV check because they go into seniors’ homes.

No income guidelines for services. Clients receive mailers explaining value of services, cost of ride, and some will contribute what they can. No one gets turned away because they can’t afford to pay.

ElderHelp service 40 zipcodes in San Diego. They have been trying to expand home share program in North County. Many services are driven by volunteer availability and hours. For example, one client in Lakeside but not many volunteers.

$300 per month to keep senior in their home. Eighty cents of every dollar raised goes directly to the senior programs.

Webinars for family caregivers in the corporate world.

Essence of Life fundraiser held at Southwestern Yacht Club, March 22, Sunday afternoon. Talk to Julie if you’d like to go.

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SAY San Diego Hope Kits 2019

Happy Holidays! Global Gals continues our tradition of charitable giving to our local SAY San Diego organization. This year we supported families by contributing two Hope Kits.

I will be dropping the items at the SAY San Diego office today.

Thank you to Susan, Kristin, Megan, Shea, Heather, Andi,and Janice for celebrating the giving season with me!

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Barbara Bry Visits Global Gals


Attendees: Gretchen, Heather, Jen, Rita, Heidi, Janice, Sharon, Cheryl, Julie

San Diego Voter Demographic – 42% democratic

Barbara Bry, Mayoral Candidate

Lived in San Diego since 1981.  UCSD Connect; started software company which sold to Cisco; started ProFlowers and created Run Woman Run in 2008.

Todd Gloria has spent his career in government job. He is a gifted politician – he is good at not answering a question. Democratic Central Committee supports Todd. He will have access to financial resources.

Barbara answers questions. City Hall has a culture of secrecy.

Example: rape kits were not tested. Money was allocated to process the rape tests but the tests were not completed.

Mayor Faulkner awarded multi-million dollar contract without oversight. A whistleblower told that this had happened.

Chair Budget Committee on SD City Council.

What is your strategy to overcome Todd’s funding?  When people meet Barbara, they like her. Active on social media – target the voter file. Increase name I.D. Believe her base is women 35+ yo. Will get Republican votes and independent votes. March 3 is primary.  Top 2 get on November ballot.

What if someone wants to volunteer to produce a video for your social media?  Look at for produced videos.

How do you feel about taking pictures tonight? I would love it. She will rely on social media.

How are you staffing social media? About $20,000 per month, IVC, Independent Voter Communications.

What are the top 2 issues that San Diego is facing over the next 5 years?  Building trust – we currently don’t enforce the law.  Housing/Homelessness.

What to do about infrastructure? Some streets are paved multiple times. Who is managing the street projects? How do you fix it?  It’s better to be honest about the plan. We do have money for repaving. City Council cannot tell divisions what to do; Mayor at the end of the day has the authority.

As a citizen, how do we look at the complete budget?  It is online. Budget Analysis, her team does a great job of analyzing budget. Her team does a citizen budget academy to teach the public about the budget.

City has 11,000 employees budgeted. Police are understaffed, Barbara has advocated for pay increases, it will take us years to get to the desired level of police officers. About 1900 police at this time, should be at 2200. Paying police and fire a lot of overtime.

Strategic planning that you have in the works, should you be elected that   Tech and biotech will not have workforce that they need. Traffic horrible. Move more good jobs to where people live and close to transportation. I.e. Horton Plaza downtown. Younger people want to live downtown, more construction going on downtown. Put jobs downtown. Tech and Arts Hub –  full STEAM ahead. As mayor, I will have someone in my office to coordinate employer engagement with schools. I.e. high school, the companies will offer internships.

Do you support the clean needle exchange?  Yes, we still do it. The truck has moved and looking for a new location.

 Volunteers needed:  Door knocker; Social media repost/likes; office help; phone banks.Link to volunteer list. Volunteer newsletter starting this week to email addresses.

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GGG – Notes from Tax Accountant Jessica Estrada

Global Gals 08/29/2019

Attendees: Andi, Susan, Orchidea, Heather, Angela, Heidi, Megan, Sharon, Jen, Julie

Idea for future gatherings: Battleax hwy 15 or Friars

Lyme Disease:  Sharon speaking in October in San Diego.  Bay Area Lyme Foundation Speaker Series (San Fran non-profit). Officially launching San Diego Lyme Alliance. Wed, Oct 2, 4-6:30 pm. Sanford Burnham Research Institute. Family,  patients, Sharon speaking as a patient, talking about her journey and her family’s journey. Talks start at 5:00.

Speaker: Jessica Estrada, Tax Accountant

PacWest Tax Presentation

2018 Key Facts and Figures

Megan knows Jessica in her women’s networking group Infinite. Jessica partnered with another women at PacWest.

People’s interests and questions:

How to make tax bracket lower for FAXA application. W-2 – nothing to do to lower taxes.

Small business taxes.

Difference between State CA vs Federal.  Medical fees still allowed on Fed returns.

Long term care premiums.

Tax brackets: Look at taxable income.  Standard deduction is $19,000 Married $24,000 Single $12,000

Incremental system.

AMT: Alternative Minimum Tax. Was developed to tax the rich in 1982.  2018 recalculated AMT to account for inflation. Original Amt intent was to target the uber rich.

Jessica likes separate businesses. Schedule C – anything that passes to your personal income tax.

W-2 and you own a house -nothing to plan.

RSU: Restricted Stock Units

Jessica is an EA, Enrolled Agent, with IRS.  Jessica is not a CPA. CPA doesn’t change what she does for tax returns.

California did not conform to Federal tax laws.

Charitable contributions: Its better now to donate every other year.

Jessica Estrada
Tax Partner
PacWest Accounting
240 Newport Center Drive, Suite 215
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Tel: (619) 519-1259
Fax: (949) 209-0485

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GGG – Beading at Beads & More in PB

7/25/2019 Happy Summertime in San Diego!

Attendees: Sharon, Janice, Shea, Jen, Julie

San Diego Beads and More

4150 Mission Blvd Ste 111 San Diego,  CA 92109


20190725_201938 20190725_201936 20190725_191153 (1) 20190725_191053 (1)

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GGG – Immigration and Zero Tolerance

Global Gals Gathering 6/27/2019

Attendees: Heather, Megan, Sharon, Kristin, Leigh, Orchidea, Shea, Susan, Julie

Immigration and Zero Tolerance

Martha Hall was a public defender, federal office in San Diego under Judy Clark. Now in private practice working with court appointed defendants.

What is happening at the border and the criminal courtrooms along the border. Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump started zero tolerance for immigration. It is a crime to cross the border without papers (no visa, not a US citizen, no MICA???).    For decades, it was enforced for people with criminal history. People were not prosecuted for a crime. Deportation is not a criminal remedy, it is an administration remedy. The current administration would like to build a rap sheet on individuals.

In Arizona, try to prosecute 100 per day. Anyone we catch who crosses the border, will be prosecuted. Not prosecuting children, but they are incarcerating children. In Texas and Arizona, they call it “streamlining” the process. Started the “streamline” process under the Obama administration. “Streamline” is misdemeanor court trying to get same day trial, max 6 months. Under Trump, started zero tolerance, wholesale arrest of everyone.

Federal employees are federal public defenders. Federal prosecuters have to prosecute under the federal law. Southern District, federal district within California, have said they are not following the zero tolerance policy. The system is designed to deny due process.

Asylum seekers: turn themselves into Border Patrol “credible fear”

UT article, number of migrants coming across, same number as in the 1980s. US now arresting, zero tolerance, we arrest everyone who comes across.

Deporting veterans and military families. If you have a greencard and you commit a crime, you are deportable.

Magistrate is a clerical judge, administrative – not a lifetime appointment. Magistrates don’t make the final decision. Only appointed judges can make the final decision.

Children are held by immigration – no right to counsel because immigration is not a criminal proceeding. Pro bono organizations and supporters of the migrants:

Casa Cornelia
Otro Lado
Border Angels
Catholic Charities

San Diego does not have courtrooms with hundreds of people. Keeping number down to 40 people per day. The SD district is fighting the zero tolerance.

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Brows, Bubbly, and Beauty … oh my!

May 16, 2019

We looked beautiful after our night learning about brow shapes and makeup application. Thanks to Benefit  in La Jolla for providing a fun atmosphere to learn a few new beauty and skin care tips.

Our private class included:

  • Private one-on-one brow consultation
  • How to perfect your shape
  • How to color match your brows
  • How to style your brows
  • How to map your brows
  • Topped off with complimentary bubbly

123951 (2) 123953

Thank you, Sharon, for our makeovers! Your silent auction donation at La Jolla Art Walk was worth it!  I’ll definitely be back to Benefit to buy more product – I am liking the mascara I bought.


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GGG Feeding San Diego March 2019

Thanks to the Global Gals and family volunteers at Feeding San Diego on March 28, 2019. If you have interest in increasing your volunteers hours, Feeding San Diego makes it easy and fun. Just two hours of time to make a difference to a hungry person.


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Global Gals Gathering Planning 2019

February 28, 2019

Present: Shea, Susan, Heather, Janice, Alexis, Julie date-clipart-putthis_on_calendar_clip_art1

“A gathering of girlfriends to discuss women’s and girls’ issues and to make changes locally with the global environment in mind.”

We came up with a list of gathering ideas for this year while keeping our holiday SAY San Diego charitable giving plans. If you have suggested the ideas below, please reach out to your contacts so that we can book speakers well in advance. May and December are already booked!

  • Support Global Gals philanthropic projects – all year long! We already started with ElderHelp in January.
  • Brow architecture for 10 people – Sharon Benefit in La Jolla. May 16, 6-8 pm.
  • Feed San Diego – March, April or June (kids age 6 or up) – Megan
  • SAY San Diego – Adopt-a-Family – Holiday giving – Julie
  • Chris Kluth – SANDAG – bicycle projects – later in the year – Janice
  • Brain health – Amy from Alzheimers San Diego – Susan and Julie
  • Glaciologist at Scripps Institute of Oceanography – Heather
  • Punchbowl- downtown East Village fun event – Susan
  • Tax Accountant – Megan
  • Pottery – Liberty Station – Julie
  • City Rep to talk about recycliing – San Diego or Chula Vista – Shea or Janice
  • Landscaping, hardscape, xeriscape – Dan, Priceless Services – Heather
  • Accessory Exchange – Julie
  • Cooking – Hipcooks – Janice

Possible Hosts: Megan, Janice. Heather

Please come to the gatherings with an open mind and with listening ears.  We don’t pay our guest speakers, so remember that their time is valuable and be respectful of the presentation and discussion. After the main topic is covered, people are welcome to stay to chat and catch up with each other.  You still may want to attend a gathering even if the topic doesn’t sound interesting because you may pick up just one tidbit that makes it worth your while.

Anyone is welcome to email the group members regarding upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, or fundraisers. I would like to give everyone the opportunity to ask for support from the members of Global Gals.

Thanks for being part of Global Gals!  I appreciate everyone’s support and I hope you get as much out of Global Gals as I do.  Heather put it nicely when she said to me “Thank you for hosting Global Gals and keeping the group going for so many years. This is one thing I do completely for myself that I look forward to it every month.”  Thanks to Heather for her kind words!

– Jules

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ElderHelp Essence of Life Awards & Charity Auction

January 24, 2019

Present: Sharon, Megan, Susan, Janice, Julie, Kristin

I am chairperson of ElderHelp’s fundraising event this year. Thanks to the Gals who supported the event by bringing wine donations for the wine grab.

ElderHelp provides personalized services and information that help seniors remain independent and live with dignity in their own homes. Their volunteers visit and call vulnerable seniors, give rides to medical appointments, and arrange home sharing. In my current sales role at Windward Life Care, I frequently refer lower income seniors to ElderHelp to get the support they need at little or no cost. Fortunately, Windward has supported me in my role as chairperson as well as supported ElderHelp with a bronze sponsorship.

You can read about ElderHelp and the Essence of Life event on their website.




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