SAY San Diego Adopt-a-Family 2018

Thank you for another successful charitable giving event for SAY San Diego.  We supported a family going through a rough patch with 4 kids who will now have a special Christmas day.

I easily dropped the gifts at the SAY San Diego office this morning.

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I appreciate all of the Global Gals who participated this year. Janice, Heather, Susan, Shea, Megan, Sandra, Jen, Heather, Andrea, Leigh,  Kristen (and their family members)

SAY San Diego tax id: 23-7107958.

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Global Gals Gathering: Food and Mood with Vicky Newman

Global Gals attended: Sharon, Andi, Shea, Jen, Orchedia, Julie, Janice

Vicky Newman, MS, RDN from Mindful Nutrition was the UC San Diego Healing Foods Kitchen  Director from 1995-2014. She was involved in clinical trials to follow how food impacted the recurrence of cancer. The “Well Study” studied the recurrence of breast cancer in four states and followed over 3,100 women. Vicky is now retired but teaches cooking classes at Rancho La Puerta in Mexico.

The best foods to eat are brightly colored and strong flavored.



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San Diego City Voter Guide Nov 6 2018 Election

November 6 Voters Guide

Present: Jen, Heather, Angela, Suzanne, Megan, Sharon, Kristen, Janice, Shea, Julie

State Prop 1 – Yes

Prop 2 – Yes  Vote No if you want to keep money for mentally ill services, not housing.

Prop 3 – No  Sierra Club, LWV, Green Party say No

Prop 4 – No if you want hospitals to raise their own money. Yes because bonds are not that expensive.

Prop 5 – No

Prop 6 – No

Prop 7 – Yes

Prop 8 –  No

Prop 10 – Yes

Prop 11 – No

Prop 12 – Yes if you believe in animal care. No if you want to allow the farmers to make their decisions on animal care.

Measure A – Yes

Measure B – No

Measure C – No

Measure D – Yes

Measure E – Vote NO on both E and G if you are unsure. Most will vote No on E and vote Yes on G.

Measure G – Yes, but will negatively affect property taxes, give up local control because of land owned by the State. Most like the idea that SDSU will have room to expand.

Measure H – No if you have concerns about private interest

Measure L – Yes

Measure YY – Yes for collaboration between charter and public schools. No if you feel that  SDUSD wastes money. Most will vote Yes to support the schools.

Judge of Superior Court #37 Matt Brower

Additional Judge opinions were sent to Global Gals under a separate email.

Regarding candidates for office, vote along party lines









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GGG – Time Management

Attendees: Maureen, Alexis, Susan, Orquidea, Suzanne L, Heather, Janice, Sharon, Megan, Julie

  • Introductions
  • Announcement, next meeting Oct. 25 focusing on election preparation
  • November meeting will be Nov 14, Wednesday, featuring Vicki talking about nutrition.

Toni Hendron – Time Management

Toni’s background varies widely from caring for exotic animals at the San Diego Zoo to caring for students and professors as lead faculty at Point Loma Nazarene University. Sprinkle in her past experience in conducting small claims court mediation, business coaching, and founding a nonprofit to aid refugees and you can begin to see the thread that binds this all together… her love for being of service.

Tonight, Toni will share her expertise in time management and offer tools, tips and tricks to keep you on the path of achieving the desired results you seek. This co-created experience of ideas and laughter will surely yield new insights to such concepts as setting goals, understanding procrastination, and generating a new mindset around time itself.

Toni passed out pieces of paper with sayings, sentences, or paragraphs from various time management books which instigated discussion and sharing of ideas on each of our own time management skills.

  • Building in habit. Such as going to gym every morning 5:00 a.m.
  • Refocus the important things – make it a priority
  • Do less things that create more value
  • What is significant and what deserves our time
  • Your lack of preparation is not my emergency
  • Self reflection: Meditation (app on your phone Headspace), gardening, art, praying
  • Journal – start with three things you are grateful for
  • Do most important tasks firsts – write three most important tasks each day. Do the task you don’t want to do, do it first.
  • Delineate a time limit to finish project
  • Little chunks at a time
  • Email – only touch it once. If you don’t respond, delete it.
  • Isolation – remove yourself
  • No amount of thought will make the to-do list any shorter
  • Make meetings 50 minutes, for example, start at 10 minutes after hour
  • Get an early start, don’t procrastinate (video)
  • Learn to say “no” , take on only those commitments that you know you have time for and truly care about.
  • S.M.A.R.T. goals
    • Specific
    • Measurable
    • Achievable
    • Relevant
    • Timely
  • I don’t have time means Its not a priority
  • Hold space with love
  • Mutual benefit, mutual agreement

Time Management Grid

SMART Goal Worksheet

Look up “Demon of Business” article

Video: Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator –  Tim Urban

Video: How to Control Your Free Time by Laura Vanderkam (11:54)


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Custom Travel Experiences August 23

Custom Travel Experiences present by Michelle Barth, Just Escape Travel

Present: Megan, Janice, Leigh, Susan, Alexis, Kristen, Sharon, Julie

Megan has used Michelle as a travel agent for her 10th year anniversary trip to  Thaiand. Michelle helped narrow down ideas and itineraries. Michelle booked everything like flights and hotel. Michelle gave her ideas they would not have thought about on their own such as “to to Northern Thailand.”

10 Family Trip Destinations:

  • Fiji
  • Switzerland
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • Costa Rica
  • Caribbean
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Tanzania
  • Hawaii

Tanzania – safe to travel in this part of Africa including democratic stable government. Travel options: safari, crater, high concentration of National parks, 6-7 day for safari.

Croatia is a trendy European destination right now.

For her trips, Michelle likes advance planning such as 18 months but can plan an international trip in 6 to 8 months. (Megan planned her Thailand trip quickly, in  a few months.) Michelle expects a budget of $3,000 per person starting price.

Custom travel design for travelers of all ages. Michelle started traveling when she was younger and committed herself to the industry. Inside info and expert knowledge – travel hack. Complex trips such as multiple destinations and complex itineraries. She in an independent operator and partners with many operators on the ground in-c0untry.

The value of using a travel agent

  • peace of mind while traveling
  • refine the clients’ interests
  • private transfers for ease of travel
  • custom, flexible, private
  • personalized experience
  • diverse itnierarty
  • local experience
  • local representatives; logistics coordinator
  • local tour guides

4 trips that Michelle thinks are amazing

  • City: Cape Town, South Africa
  • Lima, Peru – she loves the food
  • Tahiti and Bora Bora
  • Resort Spa: Lake Garda in Italy

Direct flights from San Diego

  • Tokyo
  • London
  • Frankfort
  • Zurich

Michelle Barth, Just Escape Travel, 800-815-7578,

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Pinot’s Palette April 26

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Sunset Beach Walk in Pacific Beach July 19

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10 Year Anniversary Party at In Cahoots June 26

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Global Gals

May 24, 2018

Attendees: Megan, Shea, Orchidea, Susan, Sharon, Julie

Dr. Linda Strauss and Tyler Strauss

Linda’s husband, Tyler’s dad, went through cancer treatment for glioblastoma. Tyler researched medical marijuana to help his father and to better understand how the plant works. After he passed away, Tyler decided he wanted to be more involved in medical cannabis market. Medical doctor’s “recommended” cannabis, it could not be prescribed because it was not/is not FDA approved drug. Have to replant every year after the plant dies.

Tyler worked for a cultivator and began his relationship with the plant. Female plant has the flowers and the cannabinoids; poly pharmaceutical. Cannabis and its metabolytes stick around, store in our fats. That is why it easily shows up positive on drug tests. Very productive plant.

Drug type >0.3% THC -drug plant. <0.3% THC is fiber plant. (non intoxicant)

People who use cannabis take fewer pills.

“Addiction” is habitual use that causes harm. Addiction is usually a symptom of a deeper problem. Better off to be addicted to marijuana than tobacco because tobacco has more negative health effects. Tobacco has poor lung function. Cannabis is a bronchial dilator and an expectorant. Cannabis as a risk factor is relatively low.

Affect on kids, brain development stops at age 25. THC accelerates the brain process.

Cannabinoids produced by the plant: THC and CBD. THC is similar to an anandamide (bliss).CBD regulates the bodies cannabinoid function.

“Pot is a gateway drug.” Access is the ultimate gateway. The dealer sells marijuana and also XTC, mushrooms, LSD. Talk with your children honestly and show responsible use.

CBD products do not produce a high. Can be both calming/sedating and alerting/clarity.

THC at low doses can be an effective anti-depressant. At high dosage, can become depressant. Too much THC can cause paranoia.

Lighting cannabinoid on fire converts THCA to THC. Edibles have THC that has already been heated.

Smoking is fast affect.

Dispensaries starting on July 1, testing and labeling standards become mandatory. Pretty much the same across the legalized states.

Cannabinoid listed by percentage by weight or by milligram per serving. smoking, vaporizer: try a little bit at a time. Wait to see how it makes you feel. Self regulate your use. Inhaling has the fastest effect.

Edibles wait 30 minutes to 2 hours. Any type of oral product, small amounts and wait a long time to have any more. Start at 2.5 milligrams.

Why does marijuana THC make you hungry? You feel less satisfied, less satiated. It blocks the satisfaction feeling. You are not hungry, you are just not satisfied.

Tyler’s business focuses on topical or tinctures. Line of products grown from hemp. Don’t contain THC, contain CBD. Use products that are efficient. Randysclub products are used to help with inflammation, pain, need to sleep, -itis -otis medical conditions. Use it for at least a month to figure out how it will work for you. Consistent regular use works best because your body’s deficiencies are supplemented by the cannabinoid.

Mexico has allowed for some importation of products. Remedios is applied topically, poultice, and more common in Mexico.





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Favorite San Diego Things Feb 2018

Global Gals Gathering 2/22/2018

Leigh, Jen, Megan, Heather, Julie, Janice, Marilyn

Favorite Things in San Diego

Leigh: free thing: Coronado beach. Walk through the Coronado neighborhood. Huge beach, doesn’t feel crowded. Dog beach is also nearby the navy/military property. Walk to Hotel Del, pay $15-$20 to have a cocktail.  Less amount of seaweed.

Janice: exercise, ride bikes to Broadway pier, took ferry across to Coronado and ride bike. Ferry drops at the opposite end of the island than the Hotel Del. View of downtown. Take bike with you on the ferry.

Heather: pay things: Cass St Bar & Grill has the best Chinese chicken salad and a beer. Cass St Bar & Grill has been in business in the same location for more than 30 years.

Megan: free thing: St Brigids Catholic Mass at 5:30 on Sundays. “Cass after Mass” the crowd goes to Cass St Bar & Grill.

Heather: Mike’s Taco Shop in OB, end of Newport Ave. Very small establishment. Get burrito and take plastic cup with rum drink. Ask for the shot of rum separately. (secret, don’t tell anyone)

Heather: free thing: Liberty Station every first Friday night. “Friday Night Liberty.” All shops are open. Plenty of parking. Women’s museum.

Megan: free thing: South Park Walkabout. All shops open. Can get treat or drink. “Ray at Night” in North Park, second Saturday of each month. Art galleries are open.

Jen: free thing: back side of Cowles Mountain. Boulder Lake Rd. “Back Side Loop.” Mission Trails has many hiking options. App: AllTrails will show local hiking trails – for hikers.

Janice: pay State Park fee: Torrey Pines hiking. Only place in the US with Torrey Pines.

Jen: pay thing: Café Gratitude in Little Italy.

Julie: Afoot & Afield in San Diego County  book written by local author in 1986.

Julie: pay thing: San Diego Zoo or Safari Park.

Julie: pay thing: Chula Vista Nature Park

Megan: pay thing: Cabrillo National Park tide pools, pay for parking, national park. Go about an hour before low tide.

Marilyn: Warner Springs about 1 ½ hour from San Diego. Used to have spa and hot springs. Favorite restaurant: The Prado in Balboa Park,

Megan: free thing: Balboa Park/Spanish Village. Climb the tower, includes entrance to Museum of Man. Awesome view from tower. Explorer Pass is $250 for a family of four. Museums free every Tuesday, something free.

Julie: free thing: Old Town

Jen: free thing: Earth Day

Leigh: pay thing: lunch at George’s at the Cove or Top of the Cove in the village of La Jolla. Amazing view.

Megan: pay thing: Top of the Hyatt downtown or Mister A’s in Bankers Hill for an expensive drink and gorgeous views.

Janice: free thing: Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center (used to be Olympic Training Center) can take a free tour.

Megan: Embarcadero and Harbor Drive walk from Star of India to Seaport Village.

Janice: free thing: San Diego Library downtown.  Variety of events and book signings.

Julie: pay thing: The Mission for breakfast. Various locations: Mission Beach, East Village, North Park.

Jen: pay or free: downtown La Mesa. Octoberfest in October. Restaurants and shops on the main drag. Can take the trolley from San Diego.

Janice: pay or free: downtown Chula Vista. Shops and restaurants. Lots of quinceanara shops.

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