Global Gals Gathering Planning 2019

February 28, 2019

Present: Shea, Susan, Heather, Janice, Alexis, Julie date-clipart-putthis_on_calendar_clip_art1

“A gathering of girlfriends to discuss women’s and girls’ issues and to make changes locally with the global environment in mind.”

We came up with a list of gathering ideas for this year while keeping our holiday SAY San Diego charitable giving plans. If you have suggested the ideas below, please reach out to your contacts so that we can book speakers well in advance. May and December are already booked!

  • Support Global Gals philanthropic projects – all year long! We already started with ElderHelp in January.
  • Brow architecture for 10 people – Sharon Benefit in La Jolla. May 16, 6-8 pm.
  • Feed San Diego – March, April or June (kids age 6 or up) – Megan
  • SAY San Diego – Adopt-a-Family – Holiday giving – Julie
  • Chris Kluth – SANDAG – bicycle projects – later in the year – Janice
  • Brain health – Amy from Alzheimers San Diego – Susan and Julie
  • Glaciologist at Scripps Institute of Oceanography – Heather
  • Punchbowl- downtown East Village fun event – Susan
  • Tax Accountant – Megan
  • Pottery – Liberty Station – Julie
  • City Rep to talk about recycliing – San Diego or Chula Vista – Shea or Janice
  • Landscaping, hardscape, xeriscape – Dan, Priceless Services – Heather
  • Accessory Exchange – Julie
  • Cooking – Hipcooks – Janice

Possible Hosts: Megan, Janice. Heather

Please come to the gatherings with an open mind and with listening ears.  We don’t pay our guest speakers, so remember that their time is valuable and be respectful of the presentation and discussion. After the main topic is covered, people are welcome to stay to chat and catch up with each other.  You still may want to attend a gathering even if the topic doesn’t sound interesting because you may pick up just one tidbit that makes it worth your while.

Anyone is welcome to email the group members regarding upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, or fundraisers. I would like to give everyone the opportunity to ask for support from the members of Global Gals.

Thanks for being part of Global Gals!  I appreciate everyone’s support and I hope you get as much out of Global Gals as I do.  Heather put it nicely when she said to me “Thank you for hosting Global Gals and keeping the group going for so many years. This is one thing I do completely for myself that I look forward to it every month.”  Thanks to Heather for her kind words!

– Jules

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