San Diego City Voter Guide Nov 6 2018 Election

November 6 Voters Guide

Present: Jen, Heather, Angela, Suzanne, Megan, Sharon, Kristen, Janice, Shea, Julie

State Prop 1 – Yes

Prop 2 – Yes  Vote No if you want to keep money for mentally ill services, not housing.

Prop 3 – No  Sierra Club, LWV, Green Party say No

Prop 4 – No if you want hospitals to raise their own money. Yes because bonds are not that expensive.

Prop 5 – No

Prop 6 – No

Prop 7 – Yes

Prop 8 –  No

Prop 10 – Yes

Prop 11 – No

Prop 12 – Yes if you believe in animal care. No if you want to allow the farmers to make their decisions on animal care.

Measure A – Yes

Measure B – No

Measure C – No

Measure D – Yes

Measure E – Vote NO on both E and G if you are unsure. Most will vote No on E and vote Yes on G.

Measure G – Yes, but will negatively affect property taxes, give up local control because of land owned by the State. Most like the idea that SDSU will have room to expand.

Measure H – No if you have concerns about private interest

Measure L – Yes

Measure YY – Yes for collaboration between charter and public schools. No if you feel that  SDUSD wastes money. Most will vote Yes to support the schools.

Judge of Superior Court #37 Matt Brower

Additional Judge opinions were sent to Global Gals under a separate email.

Regarding candidates for office, vote along party lines









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