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May 24, 2018

Attendees: Megan, Shea, Orchidea, Susan, Sharon, Julie

Dr. Linda Strauss and Tyler Strauss


Linda’s husband, Tyler’s dad, went through cancer treatment for glioblastoma. Tyler researched medical marijuana to help his father and to better understand how the plant works. After he passed away, Tyler decided he wanted to be more involved in medical cannabis market. Medical doctor’s “recommended” cannabis, it could not be prescribed because it was not/is not FDA approved drug. Have to replant every year after the plant dies.

Tyler worked for a cultivator and began his relationship with the plant. Female plant has the flowers and the cannabinoids; poly pharmaceutical. Cannabis and its metabolytes stick around, store in our fats. That is why it easily shows up positive on drug tests. Very productive plant.

Drug type >0.3% THC -drug plant. <0.3% THC is fiber plant. (non intoxicant)

People who use cannabis take fewer pills.

“Addiction” is habitual use that causes harm. Addiction is usually a symptom of a deeper problem. Better off to be addicted to marijuana than tobacco because tobacco has more negative health effects. Tobacco has poor lung function. Cannabis is a bronchial dilator and an expectorant. Cannabis as a risk factor is relatively low.

Affect on kids, brain development stops at age 25. THC accelerates the brain process.

Cannabinoids produced by the plant: THC and CBD. THC is similar to an anandamide (bliss).CBD regulates the bodies cannabinoid function.

“Pot is a gateway drug.” Access is the ultimate gateway. The dealer sells marijuana and also XTC, mushrooms, LSD. Talk with your children honestly and show responsible use.

CBD products do not produce a high. Can be both calming/sedating and alerting/clarity.

THC at low doses can be an effective anti-depressant. At high dosage, can become depressant. Too much THC can cause paranoia.

Lighting cannabinoid on fire converts THCA to THC. Edibles have THC that has already been heated.

Smoking is fast affect.

Dispensaries starting on July 1, testing and labeling standards become mandatory. Pretty much the same across the legalized states.

Cannabinoid listed by percentage by weight or by milligram per serving. smoking, vaporizer: try a little bit at a time. Wait to see how it makes you feel. Self regulate your use. Inhaling has the fastest effect.

Edibles wait 30 minutes to 2 hours. Any type of oral product, small amounts and wait a long time to have any more. Start at 2.5 milligrams.

Why does marijuana THC make you hungry? You feel less satisfied, less satiated. It blocks the satisfaction feeling. You are not hungry, you are just not satisfied.

Tyler’s business focuses on topical or tinctures. Randysclub.com. Line of products grown from hemp. Don’t contain THC, contain CBD. Use products that are efficient. Randysclub products are used to help with inflammation, pain, need to sleep, -itis -otis medical conditions. Use it for at least a month to figure out how it will work for you. Consistent regular use works best because your body’s deficiencies are supplemented by the cannabinoid.

Mexico has allowed for some importation of products. Remedios is applied topically, poultice, and more common in Mexico.





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