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July 12, 2017

Attendees: Kristin, Debbie, Jen, Kristin, Alexis, Susan, Beth, Vicki, Sandra, Shea, Kandace, Heather, Janice

Guest Speaker: Dr. Amy Chadwick, Naturopathic

Soaring Crane, Encinitas

Hormones: Friend or Foe?

A chemical or structure in the body that circulates through the blood stream and affects every cell in our body. Hormones work in orchestra or ensemble. Not effective to only look at one gland.  The only thing in the body that are there in every stage of life. Very individual on person’s patterns. Endocrine system manager of physiology.

What is the body trying to do and why is it doing it so intensely?

4 axes: Adrenals, Ovaries (testicles), thyroid, pancreas. Hormones come from Pituitary gland.

Autonomic nervous system: in charge of everything we don’t think about. Three stages: parasympathetic, alpha sympathetic activity (installing tension), movement (adrenaline) releases the tension and brings you back to resting state. ANS regulates the hormones to respond. Hormones will respond in each individual system.

Menopause is a demand on the whole system.

Hormones working in harmony and rhythm with each other. Impossible to give a hormone that matches the body rhythms. Very complex. The job of the axes is to adapt.

Body still making the hormones.

Ovaries are about reproduction. They stop their job at menopause. Hormones estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, still being made in the body from fat. Doesn’t have to come from fat.

Lifestyle patterns: water, sleep, diet(individual physiology), exercise, massage, laughter, crying, full digestion of any emotion (fully feel and digest), meditation, yoga, reading, communicate your needs, socialize, knowing your needs, balance, nature, hobbies, purposeful activity, beach, animals, pets, community, spiritual connection, true nature, minimalist. What moments make us feel we are at complete essence with yourself?

Liver and colon has to be working well together to take stress off the whole system. Diet high in fiber is important. Have to have a lot of fiber. Fiber feeds healthy bacteria in gut. Low refined sugar. Sweetness is essential to life. What is sweet in our natural world? Healing happens from our wholeness and perfection.

Hormone supplementation during peri-menopause or menopause. 2002 Womens Helath Initiative study. Women had been prescribed Premarin. Bioidentical hormones are now considered better. The longer we extend our progesterone, testosterone, estrogen ??????? System management, may be our most effective tool for keeping our daily lives in balance.

Use water based lubricant.

Endocrine recycles in 7 years.

Herbal remedies for peri-menopause or menopause can be effective when precisely used. Most herbal formulas are safe to use, low dose may not be effective. Safe to try.

Vitamin D plays a role in calcium metabolism.

www.soaring craneclinic.com

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Dr. Beth book recommendation: How to Meditate, A Practical Guide to Make Friends with Your Mind by Pema Chodron – Buddhist Monk


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