Feeding America

Volunteer: Shea, Suzanne, Susan, Megan, Heather, Nina, Andrea, Janice and some of our kids

Thanks to Megan Moore for arranging our Global Gals volunteer project at Feeding America  on May 11. Thanks to all the Global Gals and kids that came out to spend 2 hours packing food to be delivered to school children the next day.

The warehouse is located at 9544 Waples just off of Mira Mesa Blvd east of Sorrento Valley. They receive food from grocery stores and food distributors. On Wednesday night, they put together bags of food to deliver to certain schools throughout San Diego County that serve low income children.  We packed oranges, apples, peanut butter, canned chicken, Kashi granola bars, and Nutter Butter cookies in over 400 bags. Some of the volunteers sorted tomatoes to remove the rotten or moldy vegetables. Does anyone remember where the tomatoes were delivered?

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It is very easy to volunteer and is great to do with kids over 6 years old. My kids are ready to go help again!


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