Memory Technician – Personal Photo Organizer

Welcome Heather Harris, Memory Technician, to Global Gals this month!

Attendees: Debbie, Megan, Janice, Nina, Erika, Jen, Kristin, Beth, Julie, Heather

Organization: Association of Personal Photo Organizers

I took notes during her presentation which I pasted into the post.  Heather’s Mem Tech Presentation in PowerPoint is available here, too.

Photo slides do deteriorate over time.  Get them scanned.  Try . Specialized scanner for slides, all-in-one scanner, that has a special tray.

Use your big screen TV to show photos. 4k TVs are super hi-res. Most TVs have a USB port so you can save images to USB thumbdrive and show on your TV.

Different size files depending on your ultimate use such as print, web, large prints.

Apple: use image capture with your iphone attached via USB to apple computer.

There is a program for apple iphone to PC.

iPhoto (Photos on new OS): don’t use because it imports by event and attaches date of download.  It’s the default system for Apple products.

My Photo Stream: pushes photos from iCloud to every Apple devices attached to that iCloud.

Heather is not impressed with iCloud.

Backup your computer onto an external harddrive.

Can scan with your phone. One program is called Office Lens.

Dropbox online has an option to sort and view photos called Carousel.

Contact  Heather at or 619-972-3737


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