Mauzy Solar System at Global Gals

Thank you to Jennifer Tentor, Mauzy Solar, and Donata Hammonds, HERO Program, for you informative presentation about home solar systems to Global Gals. Even though it was a small group, you took your time to answer questions and cover many aspects of solar options.

What is Solar?  PV = photo volatic which is light energy.  Solar systems offer the opportunity for your home to be powered with clean, renewable fuel.

Right now, SDGE supplies us our home energy with approximately 90% of fossil fuels.

When investigating solar companies, Jennifer recommends choosing a company that has been in business longer than the warranty they offer.

In 2016, the current federal tax credit goes away.  Solar companies expect an influx of orders in order to take advantage of the federal tax credit.  Installation prices may increase as demand increased.  If you own your home and pay approximately $150/month for your electric bill, you are a good candidate for today’s home solar system.  Mauzy Solar will take a look at your whole home.  The solar system does not affect energy efficiency such as new windows, appliances, and doors will improve efficiency.  Mauzy designs a solar system based on annual electricity usage.

HERO is the Home Energy Renovation Opportunity which allows you to pay for home efficiency and the solar system through your annual property taxes.  Visit their website for details on financing options  It is a low cost, transferable purchase that stays with the home, not a lease.

Net Metering is the concept of producing energy for your home and beyond; producing more energy than you  use will go back into the line. Currently, SDGE calculates a credit based on what you put into the system.  San Diego solar installations now will be grandfathered in to take advantage of net metering for the next 20 years.  At sometime, SDGE will be implementing a charge fee to allow energy back onto the grid, which basically negates net metering.

Mauzy will apply a group rate if neighbors all buy at the same time.

What about San Diego homes located along the coast that experience a daily marine layer?  Yes, they can still use solar.  Mauzy analyzes your whole home and you may need more panels depending on the system.  Partial systems are available to knock your home off the higher tier energy use, such as a hot tub or pool.

To investigate your solar system options, contact Jennifer at 619-448-9545 or

September 10, 2015

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