Let’s Learn About doTerra Oil


Attendees:  Kristin, Megan, Heather, Sharon, Nina, Marlene, Jen, Julie

Sharon had just visited UCSD where there is a new statue of Sojourner Truth outside of the Marshall College.  Born as Isabella Baumfree, Sojourner Truth was an African-American woman who fought in the Federal courts to get her son back from the South, and won.  She was born into slavery in New York .  She is remembered as a leader for the abolitionist movement and women’s rights.

Beth recommended a move about Alice Paul and the U.S. women’s right to vote called Iron Jawed Angels.

Our guest speaker today is Jennifer Caltabollatta. Thank you to Jennifer for presenting to Global Gals for the second time!   She has recently started selling doTerra Oils and shared information about oils in general.  I took notes while she spoke.

Book:  Modern Essentials   by Aroma Tools dedicated to doTerra Oils.  Sold on amazon

Book:  Spoil your pets   book about essential oils on pets

Noticed the benefit of essential oil when putting frankincense oil on her cat’s cancerous ear.  Healed her cat’s ear.

Examiner.com  Frankincense might be a cure for cancer.

Youtube.com video Gift of the Earth (doTerra)

The people who started doTerra were at Young Living, but spun off to start doTerra.  Both Young Living and doTerra are based out of Utah.

Can test oils to see their potency.  If pure oil, drop oil onto a piece is of Styrofoam.   The pure oils will eat away the Styrofoam.

FDA says that 10% of ingredient makes it pure.

doTerra is 100% pure.  Therapeutic grade. doTerra has five ways of testing for purity.  If they find anything else in the product, they will throw out the whole batch.   Essential oils are more potent than herbs.

Peppermint oil, use sparingly.  One drop is equal to 28 cups of tea.

Shelf life of an oil is a lifetime.  With citrus, 7 year shelf life.

doTerra goes directly to the source of where the plant is grown.  Fair trade. doTerra culitivates the plant at its peak time.

Essential oils will go through cell membrane.

Frankincense: passes through blood brain barrier.  Parkinsons, Alzheimers, Lou Gehrig’s.

Mellaluca:  tea tree oil.  Anti-bacterial.

Most of the oils don’t stain.

“On-Guard” blend of oils.  Also comes in small beads.  Has clove as an ingredient.

Clove- one drop of clove has 1.1 million free radical absorbers.  Smells good. Has toothpaste.  Laundry soap.  Throat lozenges.

“Breathe” blend of oils.  Good for breathing.

“Correct X” blend of oils.  Helicrysum and frankincense

“Immortelle” blend of oils.  Eye oil, for skin around eyes.

Three ways to take oils:

  • Diffuser
  • Skin – neck, spine, behind ears, bottom of feet
  • Internally

Which ones do you dilute before applying:

  • Children, dilute all of them
  • Hot oils: lemongrass, oregano

Ways to buy:

  • From Jennifer mydoterra.com/happyhenoils
  • Membership then buy the oils at a wholesale price ($35 to be member)
  • Loyalty rewards – $50 order every month. At month 12, you get 30% of what you buy back to you in product.

Cleaning products:  Lemon and On-Guard.

Deodorant:  Purify blend

Flu Buster:  lemon, oregano, on guard, mellaluca

Mood Matrix:  balance, citrus bliss, serenity, elevation

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