Juice Cleanse

Our guest speaker on July 10, 2014, was Ruth Guymer.  She was an RN in England, but now lives in the U.S. and has raised 5 children.  Ruth studies under Robert Morse in Florida to lean about healthy eating.  She believes in detoxing to maintain your health.  Your body has to be internally clean -certain pH balance – to function properly.

Blood cannot deviate far from pH.  Does everything to keep the right pH.  Blood takes from the rest of your body to maintain pH.

Blockage in the body is formed from acidic state.  Backup of lymphatic liquid.  Genetically everyone is made differently.  Lymphatic system hasn’t been addressed in the medical world.

Acidic foods: pasteurized dairy, meat/flesh, legumes.  Legumes are not good for digestion and its better to eat sprouted legumes.  A store, “True Roots,” sells sprouted legumes.  Alfafa sprouts and bean sprouts good to eat.

The benefits of cleansing: reverse obstruction; loosens things up; bring pH into balance.  Side effects may include: headaches, acne, flu symptoms, lungs could re-act.

To cleanse:  raw, organic fruits and vegetables.  Keep it simple.  Cleanse for 4 weeks.  Eat fruits high in anti-oxidents and electro magnetic such as dark grapes, lemon, watermelon, cherries, berries, melons.

If using a juicer, you will not have fiber.  Gives more of a break to your body.

You can also use a blender to make smoothies or you could eat fruit in its natural state.

Cleanse your bowel before you begin your cleanse.  You can cleanse with Natures Botanical herb “Stomach & Bowel Formula #2.”  Take before and during your juice cleanse.

For someone who is very sick and needs energy to heal, not to digest; therefore, its best to juice (no fiber).

Vegetables can be added but they will slow down the cleanse.

Frozen fruit keeps 90% of nutrients when frozen.  Avocado is a fruit, but high in oil and is not a cleanser.

Book to read:  The Detox Miracle Source Book by Dr. Robert Morse, N.D.

Documentary to see: Fast Sick and Nearly Dead.

Thanks, Ruth, for your time and info!

Until next time,


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