Damsel in Defense

At our June 12 gathering, Kelly O’Tillery and Donna Stellhorn presented self defense products from Damsel in Defense.  I kept track as best I could.  If you weren’t able to attend, you are welcome to read more about the products and place an order online.  Visit Kelly’s site at www. Mydamselpro.net/KO

Pepper Spray –  18% is strongest allowed in California.  Biggest size 2 oz, small size is ½ oz.  Can use pepper spray to scare animals such as coyote while hiking.  Pepper spray not the best choice in windy environment. Lasts about 2 years.  Check into luggage when traveling.  Legal for at least 18 yrs of age.  Can be 16 years if you have a note from your parents.

Pepper spray with tear gas is allowed in California.

Kubaton – Tool that is used in martial arts.  Hit with the point.  Thrust into bony areas, soft tissues.   Put on key chain, visible deterrent.  Legal in all 50 states.  Put into luggage when traveling.

Junk in the Trunk – deck of cards, waterproof matches, survival blanket, whistle, compass, mirror, first aid kit.  Keep in the trunk of the card.

Stash in the dash – first aid kit, floss, sewing kit, toothbrush, tampons, comb/brush, moist toilette, stain remover, deodorant, midol.

Road trip – flashlight, signal, magnetized, siren alarm, seatbelt cutter, glass breaker. Keep upfront under your seat, pocket on side door, compartment between seats.  Siren can scare off animals while camping.  This tool could help others.  Hit the windshield in the corner.

Holla at Me personal alarm – can be used by 16 years old.  120 decibels

Where’s Yo Baby – Toddler tracker. If toddler wanders away, the alarm goes off.

Bear hug – person attacks from behind around the shoulders, drop down with arms out front,  step over, elbow attacker.

Bear hug  – person attacks around waist, lower, twist attackers hands and lift.

Bear hug – person attacks around waist and your arms are pinned.  Take foot down shin and land on top of the arch as hard as you can.

Step Off Door Alarm – 120 decibel alarm.   Put inside door and alarm goes off when door opens.

Stun gun – 6 million volts.  Has disable pin, if gun grabbed from you, it is disabled.  Has flashlight.  Stun gun makes noise.  Can be used as a deterrent.  Use on shoulder area, upper hip, under the rib cage.  Larger item so you don’t have to get as close to attacker.

Tiny Take Down – 1 million volts.  Have to have skin contact.

Pack a Punch – 7.5 million volts.  Disable pin, flashlight.  Charge once a month whether you’ve used or not.  Do not charge more than 8 hours.

Donna ended our evening with a shout out to Amy Cuddy and her 2012 TED Talk on body language and power poses.  Its worth the watch!  Click here for the link to her video.

Until next time,  Jules

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