Makeup Tips by Laurie

Always start with a clean palate.

Moisturizer is the key to flawless skin.  Apply right before the primer then foundation.

Primer, lines eyelids, under eyes.

Matching foundation, look at neck and chest and face. Test along the chin to neck.  Our foundation is to enhance our natural beauty, not to hide or cover up.

Dark spots and circles, use concealer.

Blush: smile, dab on apples of cheeks.

Bronzer:  Highlight upper cheek bone center of nose, on shoulders for a glowing evening look.  Along the cheek bone to top of ear.  Curved shape. Gently softens the lines of the face.

Mascara:  apply to lashes from top first, then coat going up.

Eye liner:  Feather like strokes from pupil out on top.  From corner into pupil on lower. Softer look,  Eye liner with shadow. Press, lift, reload. Paint with liner on with the angle brush.  Small brush under the eye and lid for eye shadow, from the pupil.

Arbonne “Suede” color on lid .  Great on everyone.  Blend up into crease.  Always blend colors together so there is never a line.

Arbonne “Sand” on the eyebrow.  Great for light and medium skin.

Lip Conditioner with SPF 30 Lining.  Draw the V first.  Fill in almost all upper lip.  “Ginger” lip line, “champagne” gloss.

Use a dry q-tip right away to clean up messes.

Laurie Parker
Arbonne International
Consultant ID: 10682710



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