Election November 6

Thank you to Debbie for sharing about Marie Curie.  Her life is an amazing story and inspirational to all.  For the latest book about Madame Curie and her family, click here.

Okay, onto the ballot review.  We talked about  most of the Propositions and generally agreed on voting recommendations.  So, here goes…

Prop 30 – Governor Brown’s tax initiative.  YES

Prop 31 – Establishes 2 year budget.  Mixed response.  You may want to complete your own research.  NO

Prop 32 – political contributions.  Unions against.  NO

Prop 34 – repeal the death penalty.  The death penalty costs more than life imprisonment.  YES

Prop 35 – human trafficking.  YES

Prop 36 – lessen the effects of the 3 Strikes law.  YES

Prop 37 – labeling GMO foods.  Large chemical companies, such as Monsanto and Dupont, have poured money, over $12 million, into California to defeat this initiative.  Sharon shared a link about how genetically engineered foods affect the environment , click here. YES

Prop 38 – PTA tax initiative for Education.  YES or NO.                                                       (You can read more about the two education props at my school’s website:  click here for Los Compadres)

Prop 39 – tax on out of state companies that sell product here.  YES

Prop 40 – redistricting state senate districts.  Seems reasonable.  YES

Prop Z – San Diego Unified school bond.  Mixed response.  YES or NO

We didn’t make definite decisions on candidates and judges because we didn’t have enough info.  For Mayor, most were still undecided.  For San Diego Unified School Board we decided on John Lee Evans (current member) and William Ponder.

Please make comments if you have additional info or an opinion to share.  Remember to VOTE on November 6!

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