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From our gathering on June 14, 2012.

Our guest speaker was Catherine Johnson from Silk Thermal Imaging.  She has worked in the bio-tech field for 17 years.  Her presentation is filled with health care facts.

In 2011, U.S. spend about $2 trillion on  healthcare.  For example, $180 billion on lung cancer, $200 billion general healthcare.  In 2008, we spent $234 billion on prescription drugs.

More breast cancer is occurring now.  Why?  Because of environment such as exposure to common chemicals, radiation, plastics, styrofoam, and teflon coated cookware.  Chemicals are hormone disruptors.  Breast cancer in younger women tend to be aggressive.

Lymphatic congestion if left untreated can lead to breast cancer.  The lymphatic system relies on fluids and physical activities.  Breast cancer is not a genetic disease.  Breast size not significant factor in breast cancer diagnosis.  Studies show that mammograms are more effective with women over 50 because of breast density.  Mammograms are an x-ray of soft tissue and include 4 shots of radiation.

Thermal imaging is a high resolution thermographic image.  Can see dad cells, hotspots (nitric oxide).  It uses infrared cameras to detect heat.  Angiagenesis generates heat. Breast size, implants, and density do not matter for thermal imaging.   In 400 BC, Hippocrates stated that hotter area indicates illness.  In 1592, Galileo  said that body temp correlated with health.

Scans can be breast, upper body, or full body.  The scan is sent to Dr. Melvin for a written report including  images.  You are then able to take the report to your medical doctor.

Contact Catherine Johnson, CTT, for price quotes and discounts for Global Gals.  (619) 788-6785

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