Favorite Things Part II

These are a few of our favorite things!  From our Global Gals Gathering on Sept 12, 2012.


  • Kindle.  Able to get library books via Overdrive and the San Diego Library.  Some books for sale on the Kindle Daily Special can be as low as $1.99.  The basic Kindle also has wireless internet access. Dictionaries including foreign language are available at no extra charge.
  • Diatomaceous Earth.  The Safer brand, in a 4 lb yellow bag, available at Home Depot for $8.99.  Sprinkle throughout your home to get rid of fleas, ants, and other crawling insects.  Its easy to vacuum up.  Jen Eastman uses it in her pool to help the filter.


  • Small portable iLuv speaker system.  Nice sound for your iPod or any portable MP3 player; just plug in with your headset cord.  Battery operated and available at stores like TJMaxx for $10.
  • Spanish Rosé wine made by Albero.  Available at Trader Joe’s for $4.99.  Kristen gave everyone a small tasting.  Yummy for summertime.
  • Jo Malone perfume/fragrance.  Her favorite is Orange Blossom but there are many scents available.  The London brand is sold in stores such as Bloomingdales.


  • Laut.fm online radio station from Germany.  Many commercial free channels to chose from.  “Hawaii” is one of Beth’s favorites.
  • “The New Yorker” magazine.  Contains clever cartoons and in-depth articles.  A worldly, weekly magazine that also covers book and movie reviews.  Beth likes Anthony Lane’s movie reviews.


  • Rimmel brand eyepencil.  Famous European brand at a low price at Target.
  • Cherry pitter Oneida brand.  She bought at Bed Bath Beyond.
  • Kitchen Aid measuring bowls.  Four nesting bowls measuring 1-4 cups, come with lids.
  • 3 favorite quick recipes:  (1) brownies (2) pistachio gorgonzola dip (3) salad dressing.


  • Top entertainment website: televisionwithoutpity.com  Humorous critique of movies and TV shows.  Similar to “Talk Soup.”
  • The JFK Library in Boston.  A modern structure with beautiful Boston views.  It includes a JFK museum and JFK movies not seen anywhere else.
  • Press-N-Go “Girlie Nails” nails for girls work nicely for small hands.  $3.99 at RiteAid.
  • L.A. Garment District sample sales the last Friday of the month in downtown in L.A.  Cash only and bring your own shopping bags.  Wear comfortable shoes as you are on your feet on the cement floor all day.


  • Nomorerack.com.  Auction website with limited supply.
  • Pampered Chef hand held can opener.  Cuts off the top of the can.
  • Pampered Chef lettuce cutter.  Put lettuce in a bowl then chop.  Jen is hosting a Pampered Chef party in October.  Contact her if you’re interested.  okc_tv_gal@yahoo.com
  • Vegetable peeler she bought at the Hillcrest Famers Market for $25-$30.  Easy to use hand-held peeler that moves across the vegetables in both directions.


  • Lia Sophia jewelry.  Reasonably priced.  Our Gal Marlene Swanson is a sales rep and can have a party at your house.  Megan suggests hosting a party to get really good deals.
  • Jockey Person to Person clothing.  Great clothes for travel and business because you can easily  mix and match and move from office wear to nighttime wear.  Megan wore the pencil skirt as a top and modeled it for us.  She showed off her Jockey clothing and her Lia Sophia jewelry!


  • Her newest favorite thing is her baby boy Peter!
  • Kohl’s for clothing.  Stores in Clairemont and College Grove.  Designers include Vera Wang and J.Lo Collection all reasonably priced.



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