Alternative Health Care Choices

As  you  all know, the objective of Global Gals is to learn about various topics in order to make informed decisions for ourselves while thinking about the world as a whole.  In March, our guest speaker, Lori Mossuto, spoke with us about alternatives to healthcare other than taking medicine at the first sign of illness. Lori and her family believe that families committed to a Wellness Lifestyle pass healthy values and attitudes to their children.

Lori’s husband, Mark, is a chiropractor and works with families to heal without the use of drugs and medicines.  His website is where you can find info about his personal beliefs, professional goals, and healthcare practice.  They have raised four children without medications and doctor visits.  Because Mark is a chiropractor, the family is able to get adjusted every week.

Chiropractic doctors check that your nervous system is working properly.  Your brain communicates to your body through nerves in your spine.  When there is nerve interference, the spine is out of alignment which is also known as vertebral subluxation, and actual damage to your nerves and organs may be occurring.  Chiropractic is the only profession that releases subluxation.

Another topic we discussed was immunizations and making sure everyone knows that vaccinations are a choice.  To learn about reasons not to get vaccinations, you can visit as one resource.

Lori also shared with us a LIST OF ALTERNATIVES TO MEDICATION, some of which she has used on herself and her children.  Her Helpful Resources include books, websites, and a list of “cancer causing” chemicals to avoid.

Thanks to Lori for spending her evening with us.  She was open, honest, and educational.  If you’d like a copy of Lori’s power point, give me a holler and I’ll email it to you.

Until April 12, be happy and healthy!


Click to download MSWord files: LIST OF ALTERNATIVES TO MEDICATION and Helpful Resources


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