2012 Planning

Wowee, we will have a busy 2012 if we are able to accommodate everyone’s topic ideas.  Thanks for the detailed, creative input.  Upcoming gatherings may include topics such as self defense, Planned Parenthood, hypnotism, favorite things, social media, and election review.  Many gals are reaching out to business women and friends as possible guest speakers.  Please email me with contact names and numbers so that I can confirm schedules.

During our gathering, part of the discussion revolved around my vision of Global Gals so I want to review my mission.  On the blog’s “About Us” page, I give a brief overview of why I started the group and what we have covered.  I say “Within a safe, friendly, supportive environment we have been able to educate ourselves about politics, financial security, public education, health issues and many other topics.  For three years, we have participated in an adopt-a-family program over the holiday season.  We take walks on the beach, we host jewelry parties, and try to have a little bit of fun.”  The vision states: “A gathering of girlfriends to discuss women’s and girls’ issues and to make changes locally with the global environment in mind.”

With that in mind, please come to the gatherings with an open mind and with listening ears.  We don’t pay our guest speakers, so remember that their time is valuable and be respectful of the presentation and discussion. After the main topic is covered, people are welcome to stay to chat and catch up with each other.  You still may want to attend a gathering even if the topic doesn’t sound interesting because you may pick up just one tidbit that makes it worth your while.

Anyone is welcome to email the group members regarding upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, or fundraisers. I would like to give everyone the opportunity to ask for support from the members of Global Gals.  You are welcome to host a happy hour, potluck dinner, or other social event at any time.  Our 2nd Thursday gatherings generally revolve around a main topic, but we also have social gatherings such as a walk on the beach.

Thanks for being part of Global Gals!  I appreciate everyone’s support and I hope you get as much out of Global Gals as I do.  I look forward to my Thursday nights and am thrilled to be going on year #5!

– Jules

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