I’m finally posting the notes from our Global Gals Gathering on January 13, 2011.  At the meeting, we went around the room introducing ourselves by giving name, bithdate, and anything else we felt relevant.  As always, in this blog I will do my best to report on our lively discussion.

Julie – Nov.21 – Realtor and mother of 2.  Passionate about public schooling.
Suzanne – Sept 19 – artist and mother of 2.  Her website: Suzanne sells her artwork on her Etsy website at
Laurie – Spet 23.  She works at everyone’s favorite shopping center: Costco.  She also sells fancy Arbonne skincare products .
Marlene – Nov 18 – this was Marlene’s first Global Gals Gathering.  She is a mother of two, a property manager, and a jewelry salesperson.  She represents Lia Sophia Jewelry.  It may be time for another jewelry party.
Janice – Nov 21. Mother of 2.  Janice works in the redevelopment office for the City of Chula Vista.
Heather – Mar 8. Mother of 2.  Be sure to come dance with her husband’s band, The Weener Pigs, at a Silvergate Elementary School benefit concert on Jan 29.  Kids are welcome to come.  $10 at the door per adult.  The Weener Pigs play at 5-6:30 at Humpreys Backstage on Shelter Island.
Susan – Oct 5 – Social worker.  Susan is currently partner at Elder Care Guides, company that helps the elderly find appropriate care and housing.  Susan will be a featured guest speaker at a GGG some time this year.
Leigh – July 2.  Finishing her Ph.D. in Political Science.  She wants to be a professor/teacher.
Alexis – Nov 19.  Works at Sharp Health Care as a pathologist.
Carmen – July 26. Carmen joined us for teh first time.  She is from Spain, been married 31 years, and is a law librarian for Luce Forward Hamilton.  She likes to eat, drink, shop, and read.
Bonnie – Nov 18.  Received a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Harvard.  Mother of 2.  Just started playing the cello again, so we hope to be invited to listen at a future concert.

We talked about various topics to be covered this year including sex therapy, elder care, knitting, and skin care. I have determined topics for our next two gatherings, so mark you calendars and join in on the fun.
Feb  10 at Bonnie’s home:  travel book/guide exchange. 
Feb 26 at Alexis’s home:  wine tasting hosted by Catherine Uzeta.
Mar 10 at TBD:  skin care with Laurie from Arbonne.

I’ll be sending the evites soon.

Other upcoming events:
Jan 29:  Silvergate Elementary benefit concert at Humpreys Backstage. 2-8pm.  Kids welcome.  $10 per adult at the door, all proceeds paid to Silvergate.  The Weener Pigs plat at 5-6:30 pm.
Mar 19: Annual Silent Auction benefiting Longfellow Spanish Immersion Magnet School at Brick by Brick (Morena Blvd) at 7 pm.  $15 at the door.  The Weener Pigs will begin playing around 8:30.  This years theme: Life’s a Beach.

Alright, I gotta get to bed.  I could be on this computer 24 hours a day!  Have a great day.


P.S.  Laurie Parker had wanted me to pass along the woman’s info who knitted her scarf.  In case anyone wants to contact her:  Barbara Abrams, Company is Dream Knits, phone is

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