Talk Time with Toni

Thank you to Ms. Toni Atkins for speaking at our Global Gals Gathering on June 10.  She is the first local politician to make an appearance at our group.

Toni started off by giving us a history of her time in San Diego.  She moved here in 1985 and started to work in a women’s health clinic.  She soon joined the Board of Planned Parenthood and the San Diego Democratic Club.  Christine Kehoe asked Toni to help her run for San Diego City Council, and starting in 1993, Toni ended up working for Christine for seven years. 

Toni herself ran for and won a seat on the City Council in 2000, when Dick Murphy was mayor.  During her time in the City Council, the city was trying to refinance a bond to get a better deal.  The Financial Manager and Auditor neglected to disclose the pension liability.  This marked the beginning of San Diego’s current pension/financial mess.  The San Diego city budget is $2.5 billion, yes, billion.  No small potatoes!

In the upcoming November election, Toni is running for State Assembly Representative for District 76, which represents 475,000 San Diegans.  She will will be facing a State budget of $82 billion that just five years ago was $120 billion with a State population of 38.5 million.  She said her goal will be to start with tax reform to help stabilize the State’s revenue.   The State pension is in bad shape.  Since the contracts are legal obligations, it will take open, firm, lengthy negotiations with the Unions to make a difference.  Since we will also be voting on Governor in November, Toni mentioned that she feels Jerry Brown knows how and will be willing to work with Unions.  Meg Whitman, on the other hand, will fight the Unions which will cause the Unions to dig in their heals and not compromise. 

For more information about creating a more responsive, representative and cost effective State government, visit .

Toni believes that as an elected official, she is a public servant.  Let me end with a quote from Toni:   “If
you want to make a change, get together with others with the same

Please vote in November.
Your Gal,

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