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Hello Global Gals,

Last night, March 18, 2010, Megan and I attended a fun, informative event hosted by Run Women Run and The California List.  We listened to and met some local female politicians who are running for various positions this year.  Christine Kehoe, our State Senator, was in the audience listening, too.  Let me list the women we heard from:

Kamala Harris, running for Attorney General (Jerry Brown’s open position).  Her mom once told her, “You may be the first to do many things, just make sure you are not the last.”
Janice Hahn, Lt. Governor.  Currently an LA City Council member.  Running against Gavin Newsome, another Democrat from San Fran.
Mary Salas – State Senate District 40 (Denise Ducheny’s seat).  Has tough primary against conservative Democrat Juan Vargas. She claims he is a friend of insurance and banking companies.
Toni Atkins – State Assembly District 76 (Replacing Lori Saldana, termed out)
Crystal Crawford – State Assembly District 74.  Currently on Del Mar City Council.
Pearl (did’t get her last name) – State Assembly District 79 (replacing Mary Salas) 
Jill Galvez – Chula Vista City Council
Sheila Jackson – SD County Board of Supervisor District 4.  (currently on SDUSD School Board)
Francine Busby – 50th Congressional District

They all had similar talking points.  The main one being that the California legislation is in dire need of a change of direction.  They feel that California is headed down the wrong path.  They also each talked about the importance of local politicians who will then take the pathway to State and Federal government.

Both Run Women Run and The California List provide networking and campaign financing for women interested in running for office. In California, women account for 51% of the general population but we have only 13 State senators and 20 State Assembly women. Does anyone have interest in running for office?  They can help you!

I spoke with Toni Atkins after the event to ask if she would come to one of our Global Gals meetings and she said Yes!  She said it can be a small group or a large group, she just wants to meet people and learn about our neighborhoods.  Would you all be interested in having her as a special guest?  Even if District 76 is not your district, I think we could all learn from her about the local city government and the State political process.  I don’t know much about her, so I think her visit to our group would be educational to me.  Click here

for Toni Atkins’s website.

Visit the CA State Assembly website and click “Find My District” to determine your district and your representatives.  This entry was posted in Politics. Bookmark the permalink.