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It sure has been awhile since I last wrote.  Happy New Year to all.  Happy end of Winter and beginning of Spring!

I have been wanting to pass along the LifeFolio information from our Global Gals Gathering in January.  Natalie Stillman from New York Life was our presenter for the second time.  LifeFolio provides tools to assist people to organize their financial life.  Using a file cabinet and file folders you are able to have one place to find your necessary paperwork.  The paperwork is needed when you apply for loans, retire, get married, deal with death of a loved one, purchase a home, lose or leave a job, etc.  Be sure to tell at least one other person where this file cabinet is stored and how to access it in case of an emergency.

Natalie recommends using  fireproof file cabinet.  Put most current paperwork in the front of each section.  She also has a checklist on which to track where each documnet is such as birth certificate and social security card. 

A few weeks ago, my daughter Isabel helped me begin the filing process.  For her, its a game of playing “office” or “school,” for me, it was a liberating cleanse!  Now my husband and I know where our passports, life insurance, credit card, mutual fund, and estate plannig documents are kept.  And all in one file drawer!  My daughter and son have their own drawer where we keep medical records, passports, bank statements, and birth certificates. 

Another benefit of going thru this process is that you have a chance to evaluate the current status of such items as your will, your beneficiaries, your financial goals.  For example, do you have enough life insurance?  Be sure to work with your financial planner, CPA, and attorney to help you determine if you need to take any further steps.

Natalie has been a valuable resource.  She can help you with your financial plan and provide possible CPAs, attorneys, and life insurance providers.  Natalie also has the LifeFolio tools and checklist which makes it easy to get started.  No more excuses!  She can be reached at 858-623-8795.  Be sure to let her know you are part of the Global Gals group!

Happy Organizing!
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