Planning 2020

Global Gals Planning for 2020  February 27, 2020

Janice, Sandra, Sharon, Heather, Julie


Heather – glaciologist

Sharon – brain longevity (Sasha B)

Heidi F.  – The Secure Act topic

Sandra – Investment and retirement planning

Julie – Seven Bridges walk ( 5 ½ miles) (April – May)

Heather – Tai chi

Heather  – self defense possibly with daughters/sons

Janice – Hip cooks or other cooking class

Book exchange

Sharon – organic farm to table dinner in National City WD Dickinson Farms $85

Adultology at the Nat. 21+ $25 Friday night

Kambucha making

Art After Dark – art after hours at San Diego Museum of Art $5 then Panama 66

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