Spring Is In The Air

Spring is officially here, so its time to put on the gardening gloves.  At our GGG on April 9, we talked about gardening and how we don’t have enough time to do it!  Although some of us wouldn’t do it, even if we did have the time!

Our favorite nursery:  Walter Andersen’s in Point Loma. www.walterandersen.com/    They have an online newsletter, weekly classes, orchid experts, architect referrals, and a lot of gardening expertise. 

Our favorite books:
Sunset Western Garden Book by Sunset Magazine
Pat Welsh’s Southern California Gardening
California Home Landscaping
by Roger Holmes and Lance Walheim
Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv

Our favorite brand of plant:  Monrovia

Our favorite irrigation store:   Hydroscape located on Kearny Villa Road  www.hydroscape.com

Depot takes back any plant that dies – keep the receipt.
Buy potted herbs – Trader Joes.
Rosemary and mint grow anywhere.
Spanish Lavender is low maintenance.
When buying grass fertilizer, buy the highest middle number.
Proven Winner is a local grower that has genetically engineered plants to grow in the area.

Check out or Global Gals website for uncoming events at www.global-gals.com.
you on May 14.

– Jules

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