How to Show Up for Racial Justice

Zoom meeting on July 29, 2020

Attendees: Janice, Julie, Kristin, Megan, Sandra, Sharon

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Sharon: La Jolla Merchants held a panel discussion via Zoom about diversity. They have diverse interns and fund a diversity consultant.

How do we activate voting on college campuses?

Places to donate:

  • San Diegans for Justice – they advocate for separate independent community based review committee.
  • Critical Resistance: Megan attended a webinar about abolishing the police all together. They consider life without police or prisons.

Megan: Look at your local neighborhoods (Nextdoor is good resource) because many have small, community groups supporting BLM.

Kids can register to vote at 17 ½. Julie learned this fact from San Diego High School. Make sure the 17 year olds in your life know they can register to vote at 17 ½ and then vote when they turn 18.

Kristin: How to we assist black communities that already organize such as BLM? Kristin can check with her friends.

We all agreed to target young people this election cycle.

Megan and Heather (via email): consider Wall of Moms although they activate at a moments notice and act on the front lines. A facebook group exists for those that want to investigate.

Julie: groups that only organize on facebook are missing reach into other audiences/activists.

Ideas for participation: letter writing campaign to police; school board meetings during public comments; phone banks.

U.S. Voter statistics (from

2018 midterm elections

18 yo+ citizens (eligible voters)          228,832,000

Registered                                           153,066,000 67% of eligible

Voted                                                  122,281,000 53% of eligible

2016  elections

18 yo+ citizens (eligible voters)          224,059,000

Registered                                           157,596,000 70% of eligible

Voted                                                  137,537,000 61% of eligible