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Public Education 5/10/2017

8th largest school district in the nation San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) Includes Scripps Ranch, down to Hwy 54 over west to the Coast including La Jolla, City Heights, Golden Hill, Clairemont, Del Cerro, College Area.

Independent study: schools available in SDUSD such as Mt. Everest in Clairemont (K-12). 

Can you choose my child’s teacher? Write a letter to the Principal asking for a match based on skill set, child’s needs, teaching styles. You can meet with the Principal. Depends on the administrator.

School choice: Take tours. You know your child, what fits with his/her personality and learning style. Take Kinder tour at your local school.

TK is very similar to Kindergarten. Most TK is a shared class with Kindergarten.

Show appreciation to the teachers.

USDOE – United States Department of Education

CDE – California Department of Education

OCR – Office Civil Rights

IDEA – Individuals Disabilities in Education Act

ADA – Americans with Disability Act

Vouchers, Charter Schools, and School Districts:

Vouchers comes from the State to attend a private school. Not available in California. Vouchers may not cover the whole cost of the private school. Can go to religious schools on federal/state government funds.

Charter Schools are public schools. Many are governed by non-profit entities. Required to comply with federal laws. In California, don’t have to follow state rules such as Unions, not bound by State education code. Have to follow California State curriculum. Provides school choice. Complaints can include “mis-use” of funds; creates competition against public schools; all funding comes from same State pot of money and takes money from District public schools. Charter school can take child from any District. If Charter school is not performing, the District will revoke charter and it will close. But, if a regular public school doesn’t perform, nothing happens.

IEP: Individual Education Plan

 California students who get expelled go to another school.

 Useful Links:

 The United States Department of Education (“USDOE”):

USDOE Office for Civil Rights (“OCR”):

California Department of Education (“CDE”):

California Legislative Information:

San Diego Unified School District’s Policies & Procedures: [most districts post this information]

Immunization info for California:

California Office of Administrative Hearings – Special Education Division:

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